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Uncontested Divorce Specialists

McKinley Law Group is an uncontested divorce specialist located in the Metro Atlanta Area. While we specialize in uncontested divorces, we understand that every situation is different. Divorce does not need to be expensive, complicated, or time consuming – particularly an uncontested divorce. Our clients depend on the attorney’s at McKinley Law Group to provide an efficient and simple divorce process.

Uncontested Divorce Process

No divorce is ever easy, and the attorney’s at McKinley Law Group are experts at making uncontested divorces as painless as possible. Our uncontested divorce packages are cost effective and relatively easy to manage. If you and your spouse are in agreement in how the divorce should proceed, then an uncontested divorce could be right for you. Just fill out the form to the right of your screen and one of our qualified divorce specialists will contact you to guide you through the next steps for an uncontested divorce without children, an uncontested divorce with children, or even in some cases a contested divorce.

About McKinley Law Group

McKinley Law Group, is a full service Atlanta, GA law firm. We handle family and civil law cases including divorce, child custody, criminal, personal injury, creditor and debtor rights, estate planning, wills and trusts.

We are grateful that you are considering using our services in this challenging time. We are passionate about helping divorcing couples understand their options while making the difficult choices. To learn more about the process of an uncontested divorce or contested divorce with McKinley Law Group, please fill out the contact form to your right or call us at (404) 902-6222.

Divorce Testimonials

Hi Deborah - I just want to say thank you for how you helped me with my divorce. It's so refreshing to talk to a lawyer that understands the unique position that I was in. You treated me like a human and not a case, and I really appreciated that. I'm ready to move on with my life now. I will refer anyone in the same difficult postion to McKinley Law Group.
Deborah was a shining light in the most difficult time of my life. My divorce was painful and complicated. Deborah helped me understand my rights and ethically navigated my divorce process. Her communication was thorough and I didn't have to call for answers. I never would be where I'm at today without McKinley Law Group.
I was looking for a cheap divorce. Deborah and her team did not let me down. They walked me through the process of an uncontested divorce. She helped me understand why my ex-wife and I should split up our assets ahead of time. Thank you McKinley Law Group for your the speed and for treating me with respect.